LV RU Lux Express Ignorant Employer

Luxexpress - Ignorant Employer

I would like to inform you that i had a really terrible experience with luxexpress company.
I was supposed to travel from riga to tallinn on 29.03.2019 at 7;10pm.
I, myself am a turkish citizen and have been working and living in riga for more than a year,
and during that time i visited countries like finland, netherlands, germany using my bluecard for both business&tourism purposes without any issue.

However, today, this company s employer on bus told me that i can not travel to tallinn using my bluecard, which wasn’t correct. And he insisted me to leave the bus. I lost my time, i felt insulted plus my booking in tallinn for tonight became useless.


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Lucifer 31.03.2019

Oh you feel insulted? Poor little thing. What do you want now? Some benefits maybe?

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