Gordon Fairclough - Krāpšana

Gordon Fairclough is a very nasty, cruel, sadistic person. Typical Narcissist, Psychopath - no empathy but can excellently fake it. Looking for new victims on Tinder and to every new girlfriend will say that he is working for secret service of England, besides his shop and need to travel to different countries to do a missions (actually hanging out with a another victims).
Often He has several girlfriends–victims at the same time and will pretend as a very nice, intelligent person at the beginning, even generous. Very good reading your personality and will tell you exactly what you were missing to hear in your life from man.
Will try to push you very fast to have a relationship and move in in your place as soon as possible, just not to pay for hotel. When he gets victim on the hook, he will start his torture with nonstop brainwashing for many hours every day until victim will get very weak and will follow his rules without arguing. He just wants - your money and you paying the bills, attention or sex and etc. As excuse will be that he has suddenly a hard time with money and will lie to you that he will get big amount soon (depends on situation etc.) and he will pay back what he owns to you – obviously he is not planning to pay you back even a penny! Very greedy and cheap.
He is afraid of police because already had several times to deal with them about emotional violence during his previous relationships.
Everything what he is saying are 99% lies and covering previous lies with the new ones in 1 second, will change subjects so quickly that you will get so confused and will not understand what is going on, will keep you in permanent stress that you don’t have time to peacefully analyze and think about option to leaving him – pathological liar, especially about ex-girlfriends and wife, making up stories that you feel sorry for him and will turn every single story around and pretend that he is a victim of his ex-girlfriends etc. So…. If you want to know the trues – you have to turn around every sentence he says!
Mentally ill – personality disorder – can’t be cured, Narcissists are born like that – they don’t have a braincells who are responding for empathy. Sadistic behavior gives them a lot of joy, purpose of living and then they feel powerful, otherwise they feel worthless and can be even depressed but not for long……. 2h-maximum 3 days. By age it’s getting worse, they are crueler and revenging and even very dangerous!
Women with money and huge empathy – are the easiest victims!
So….. “Dear women, if you feel danger call police and ask for help, even restraining order! Avoid any contact, block him, because he will try to get you back with love bombing, but it will last for 1 or 2 weeks maximum and then it will get even worse, more cruel! Just run as fast as possible and hide that he can’t find you and follow you! Try to do video or voice records or pictures as evidence to prove his violence, hide them (send to friends or whatever)– otherwise it will be imposable to prove.
Keep your phone secured! -he will check it permanently, keep changing your passwords as long its necessary – even that will not give you any guaranty. Google – about Narcissists about every question you have – educate yourself! Around 25 % of population are Narcissists etc. and it can be heritage from parents.
Be Careful! And take Care!”

Комментарии (4)

not a Karen 20.11.2023

Kas ir šis Gordons?

A Armands Bremanis 21.11.2023

Professor of Oxford who is searching for women who could be used.

not a Karen 21.11.2023

Ok, bet te taču nebūs šī vīrieša publika.

A Armands Bremanis 24.11.2023

Professor degree is just necessary to make a good impression and respect etc. Gordon is giving his business cards immediately he meets somebody without asking - just to impress everyone. And shamed about his little shop located far away in country side, even sometimes hiding it.

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