Elkor - Cheated

I bought a strip of 5 watch batteries online from elkor. The price was 1.99 euros + 2 euros postage. What arrived was a single battery. The first phone call to them the lady saw the order and said she would call back. Nobody did. I called again & was told they had made a mistake on the website and the batteries were 1.99 euros each. I asked her to send me 4 More to complete my order she said they could not do that. I asked for my money back & was told 1.99 euros was the price, no postage refund & i must send the item back to them.
If this company plans to be Latvias answer to amazon they need to do better. I want what was ordered and paid for, it was not my fault that they misled me with their website which incidentally charges 0.99 for a single not 1.99 as the telephone lady said. After 2 More calls they admitted fault & would refund 3 euros. It has never arrived. I warn others to keep their money in their pockets, elkor are not a trustworthy company.


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