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220.lv - Breaking the law

I ordered & paid by card for an electrical item. Changed my mind within 15 minutes & decided on a larger item. The operator said she would check if I could cancel & let me know. She did not get back to me. The next day in the afternoon she said it was too late to cancel as item was with delivery company. I said I would refuse to accept it & when it arrived 3 days later I did not take it from the courier & it was to be returned. I asked for my money back and was told only when they receive parcel back. This has nothing to do with me, it is their courier, he informed them I had refused it so pay me my money. 3 weeks later and 20 or more phone calls full of promises no money returned. They are breaking the law which is not new to them. I have contacted Consumer protection but it takes time & they know this. They operate like crooks, how are they allowed to still be in business?


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Ответ от interneta veikals 220.lv Ответ от представителя 18.04.2023

Good afternoon!

To examine your situation, please specify the order number by mentioning it here or by sending it to the e-mail: [email protected]


Дополнено Derīgs klients 18.04.2023

order # 20540858

Ответ от interneta veikals 220.lv Ответ от представителя 05.05.2023

Good afternoon!
We would like to explain that the central warehouse assembles and delivers more than 10,000 orders for execution every day. Fulfillment of such a volume is possible only with automated order processing, transfer for assembly and delivery. Therefore, within 15-20 minutes, the order is already sent for assembly and then it cannot be stopped until it reaches the courier.
220.lv does not have its own couriers, courier services are provided by cooperation partners. Unfortunately, the courier still hasn't returned the package to us, so the refund was also delayed. The refund for the order was created on 18.04 and should already be in Your account.
We apologize for the delay in returning the money!

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G Gii 19.04.2023

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