Libava Hotel Liepāja - Poor service

I went on a business trip fromRiga To Liepāja where i used the accommodations provided by the Libava Hotel. First of all, i must point out that the variety of the breakfast menu at the hotel is fixed and minimal, and one must order their breakfast at the hotel lobby the previous evening, and indicate the time that the breakfast would have to be served. Because i had had a meeting arranged for 9: 00, i booked a breakfast for 8: 00. I went to the dining room at 8: 00, and did not get one. I waited for some time, and then went to the lobby to ask about this. In the end, i got my breakfast, as late as 8: 30, and the meal did not match the description indicated in the menu at all. Later, when i was returning to riga, i realised that, in a hurry, i forgot my sweater at the hotel; in my subjective opinion, the value of the sweater was considerable. I immediately contacted the hotel, and their answer was that they had found my clothes in the closet. I went back to the hotel, where the staff gave me things that clearly belonged to someone else. I tried to find a rational solution to this situation; unfortunately, no constructive explanation was provided, and the “gentleman” who proudly called himself to be the hotel manager became very impolite, shouting, throwing indirect insults at me. The proud hotel manager pointed out rudely that many people called them looking for their things, which can never be found, adding that the hotel was not a pawn shop. This remark by the hotel manager implies that there must be something wrong going on at the hotel, if they never find the personal items people ask them about. There are essentially two options: either a member of the hotel’s staff or those who lived in the room after me stole my personal things, and while the hotel administration had ample opportunity to at least find out the circumstances of the matter, they did not even try it, and, instead, the proud hotel manager chose to be aggressive and inconsiderate. In any case, the attitude of the hotel is very unbecoming.


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Saivii 05.12.2019

I ve stayed there myself and i think the manager is quite professional and would never shout at anyone or otherwise would not be working there as a manager. Either you are exaggerating or lying Mister!

G ganz 05.12.2019

We took the best room with a very nice view to cannal, nice architecture and location, but some things was very strange.
Firstly, one evening we spent without hot water, person, who were on duty that nigth just went away, few hours we did not find any responsable person in a hotel, last time I got this guy on phone, he said, hot water will be in 5 min., but it takes few hours, without any explanation of situation and without any sorry. What was more strange, that this guy played music very loud in hall of hotel, there were no other people, so I don't understand, why we were forced to listen this bass sound in our room.
Breakfast was very borring, it was hard to eat the same food 5 days. To say more, when we wanted to pay for a stay, we were asked to pay 2,90 Eur more for additional dish, but it was hard to understand for what exactly, becouse we had breakfast included. We ate the same things all days.
So, exept one person, the staff need a much to improve.

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