Itella - Criminal company,crime package from Germany

Where my package from Germany? I want know. Tracking number shows they in Riga some week. Company lier write no possible give me becouse cant do this some reason,o really? I was in home then they cant. Please return me my package from Germany this tracking CR 8015 0930 4DE . And also my number 28285469 . Go call go write message and send give. Or i go police write on your company and create many problem. You looks like a criminal company from marupe.


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Ответ от Itella Support Ответ от представителя 19.06.2021

Dear Client!
Sorry for the negative experience. Due to the processing of a large number of requests, calls and e-mails have unfortunately been delayed. We will contact you to resolve the situation.
Itella Customer Support Team

T Tarya2020 19.06.2021

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T Tarya2020 19.06.2021

And what next your plan doing for me give? May e possible give on latvijas pasts? Omniva? If itella cant found me. Try call 28285459 and say what your plan

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